Thursday, September 22, 2011

I have missed blogging....

Therefore, I'm going to start again after a very long absence. There are many reasons that I stopped blogging, and I can comprehend it in my head, but I am not sure if I can put it down in words. So, I'll not try to at this point. (I do need a new title though, but I'll just use this for now until I think of a better one.)

This is by far the best way to document all that is going on in the life of my family - it's so much easier for me to type than write, and being able to put a picture or two up to go with my words just sort of seals the deal. So, here we go!

I'll start by giving a quick update on the children, and I guess I'll start with the oldest:

Madison ~~~~ She is now in the 10th grade and as of last year is attending public school and LOVESSSS it. She has made some great friends and is currently staying busy playing softball. She's the starting shortstop for the varsity team. She's never played that position before, and personally, I think it's one of the hardest positions to play, but she has done quite well and I expect will adjust if she continues to play that position for the next two years. She's going to take a break from travel ball. We ALL need a break from softball, and basketball is just around the corner..... The class work has been an easy adjustment for her - THANKFULLY! because I have not had a clue about some of the stuff she has had to do. All in all, I think her adjustment from homeschooling to public school has been exactly as I would have liked it to be. She has some amazing qualities for someone her age and is definitely more of a leader than a follower. I am amazed at how strong she is, in more ways than one, and no one ever has to wonder how she feels about them or what she feels about any particular situation - which can be good and bad. LOL Like one of her friends told her the other day, "No one can ever accuse you of being two-faced!"


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