Monday, October 17, 2011

Continuing the Updates

It's Amelia's turn! She is still just as spunky as ever with her beautiful big brown eyes and long, thick curly hair. I guess she might be the resident princess, although in all actuality, I think any one of the three girls could fit that description at any given time. LOL She is six years old and in the first grade now, and she thought she wanted to go to school this year, so we took care of all of the necessities and went and enrolled her the week before. She was very excited, but that was not very long lived. I picked her up after school was over on the first day, and she immediately told me she wanted to home school again. I told her that she should probably give it some more time first. She didn't really like that answer but realized that was what she had to do. (Even though she did mention that she was just not going to get up in the morning. :D) We came home that evening and she pretty much just laid around and didn't say much at all - not normal for her. She did get up the next morning and made it back, but when I picked her up that afternoon, it was the same story. Those big brown eyes were very sad, and she was still just laying around and not saying much at all. It was killing me, so after a discussion with my husband, we decided I would start homeschooling her again. We told her, and she immediately returned to her normal happy self. I was soooooooo happy to be homeschooling her again. I had thought that putting her in school was something that I had wanted, too. After all, her two older sisters were enjoying it so much, I just assumed she would, too. But, she just wasn't ready, and honestly, neither was I. A couple of school teacher friends of mine had encouraged me back in the summer to continue with the homeschooling, and that was something that had stayed with me even during our decision to go ahead and let her go to school, but I had thought I would just work with her and her teachers to make sure she was getting what she needed. I have to admit though, I like having this responsibility all to myself and not having to deal with anyone else and their lesson plans. After bring her back home, within the next week, I ordered her new materials, and we were back to school within a couple of weeks. I LOVE what I have chosen for her this year. Last year was not fun. I did not like what we used, and the frustration with all of it I think is what drove me to try putting her in school. This year is so much better. Timberdoodle has never steered me wrong, so I went with some of their recommendations. We're using Big Truths for Little Kids, JUMP Math at Home, First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind, Phonics Pathways, and A Reason for Handwriting. We're also getting lots of books at the library for some just-for-fun reading, and we're doing some science stuff from the internet. For some reason, she's become very interested in a map of the USA and likes to try to find different states as I call them out, so I'll definitely continue to work with that while she's enjoying it so much.

She loves going to church and has found a very special friend there. She and Matthew really get along well and are constantly playing during the day, either on the computer, playing house, or just sitting together watching something on TV. She also enjoys spending time with her nana and grandaddy. She's a busy little girl!

Her 6th Birthday Party - Everybody's favorite gift!

Amelia and Matthew showing off their new glasses.

Amelia at the beach.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Cute Snapshots

Like Father ^

Like Son ^ He totally did this on his own. Brad was sitting at the kitchen table working on his laptop, which is beside our computer desk where Matthew was playing a game. I walked through there and knew I had to go find my camera. Matthew had located one of Brad's spare pair of reading glasses, and when I first saw him, he was sitting with his hand on his chin, too.

Cari and the plate of cookies she baked

I love this! Too cute.

Amelia and Matthew were sitting in the chair together and watching Tom and Jerry. They were laughing and having a great time, and I thought I needed to get a picture of that because it was one of those really cute moments that I wanted to remember. But of course, when they saw the camera, they stopped what they were doing and had to pose. :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Updates Continued...

And now for....Cari - the second oldest child in the family. You can sum up this child in a few easy words. She is never sitting still - always busy, always looking for something to do or get into, always asking to have a friend(s) over, etc.... I think party planning would be a great job for her when she's older! She has made a lot of new sweet friends this past year. Most of them are very entertaining and enjoyable to have around. And it's so funny how a lot of her friends, and Madison's as well, are children of a lot of my friends that I went to school with. It's almost like they were attracted to them from the beginning! She's not really into sports, although she did play basketball again this past year, but I don't know that she really enjoyed it that much. She thought about cheerleading but is not really sure if that is for her. We want to get her involved in something, so we're thinking maybe starting gymnastics or dance soon. She needs something to help run off all her energy! And did I mention she might make a good lawyer someday, too? She is definitely the winner of "trying" to negotiate (argue) in this family! Maybe a debate team would be a good thing for her? See, that's another good thing about this blogging thing - it can help me work all this stuff out that has been stuck in my head! She is also a big help in taking care of Matthew and Amelia. Most of the time, she's their "recreation director." LOL And as far as school goes, she has transitioned easily as well. She did pretty well with the grades last year, but this year she was put into some harder classes, and that adjustment has been a little difficult, but we're working through it, and I think it will be good for her once she is able to adjust to the different type of workload/responsibilities. And now for some pictures:

*Surfing at Daytona Beach, FL

*Picture time during an evening walk on the beach

*Her new short haircut


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