Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Updates Continued...

And now for....Cari - the second oldest child in the family. You can sum up this child in a few easy words. She is never sitting still - always busy, always looking for something to do or get into, always asking to have a friend(s) over, etc.... I think party planning would be a great job for her when she's older! She has made a lot of new sweet friends this past year. Most of them are very entertaining and enjoyable to have around. And it's so funny how a lot of her friends, and Madison's as well, are children of a lot of my friends that I went to school with. It's almost like they were attracted to them from the beginning! She's not really into sports, although she did play basketball again this past year, but I don't know that she really enjoyed it that much. She thought about cheerleading but is not really sure if that is for her. We want to get her involved in something, so we're thinking maybe starting gymnastics or dance soon. She needs something to help run off all her energy! And did I mention she might make a good lawyer someday, too? She is definitely the winner of "trying" to negotiate (argue) in this family! Maybe a debate team would be a good thing for her? See, that's another good thing about this blogging thing - it can help me work all this stuff out that has been stuck in my head! She is also a big help in taking care of Matthew and Amelia. Most of the time, she's their "recreation director." LOL And as far as school goes, she has transitioned easily as well. She did pretty well with the grades last year, but this year she was put into some harder classes, and that adjustment has been a little difficult, but we're working through it, and I think it will be good for her once she is able to adjust to the different type of workload/responsibilities. And now for some pictures:

*Surfing at Daytona Beach, FL

*Picture time during an evening walk on the beach

*Her new short haircut

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