Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Pictures

The leaves have been absolutely BEAUTIFUL in Georgia this year. They're starting to fade and blow off the trees now, but I certainly enjoyed them while they lasted. Just a simple drive to pick up my children at school or go to the library was quite breathtaking. Our God is such an amazing Artist!

I took the opportunity one day to get some snapshots of the little kids while they were playing in and around the leaves:

Madison and her BF Sam were carving a pumpkin one evening and had a little help from the brother and sister.

This is our little acorn family that Amelia, Matthew, and I worked on one day during school time. They both love to paint anything that can be painted. :>)

Random shots one night when they saw the camera in my hands. These kiddos love to have their picture taken. Above, you can see that Matthew is quite the poser, and the picture below is Amelia and Cari showing off their face painting they got at our church Family Fun Day.

Brad and the kids are working on a tree house, and here are some pictures from their work in progress. Of course, Amelia saw it as a "House on the Prairie moment" and took full advantage of the situation.

Trick-or-Treat Night. We got to hang out with some friends that we haven't got to see in a while while walking around town collecting candy. This nearby town is locally famous for their trick-or-treating, and I heard someone say that one house gave out 1700 pieces of candy! There are people everywhere, but the lines move fairly quickly from house to house. It is a lot of work, though, because since there are so many children out and about, each house usually just gives one piece of candy per child. But that's okay, sometimes I don't want to admit it, but there is such a thing as too much candy!

In the picture above, you will notice that one pumpkin is looking and the other is not. The one on the right is Madison and Sam's. The one on the left is mine and Cari's, and it was a disaster. Therefore, it was ashamed to have it's picture taken. I guess Sam has more patience for that sort of thing than I do, but next year, I plan to invest in the proper tools and redeem myself!

Matthew got to have his picture made with a real UPS man (daddy) and go sit in the UPS truck and pretend to take a drive. I think that was more fun for him than the trick-or-treating!

And lastly, the next night we went to Madison's softball banquet where she received her "letter" in varsity softball. Our camera was not cooperating too well, so this is not that great of a shot, but it's still something I want to remember. This is her receiving a hug and her award from her coach.

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