Friday, November 11, 2011

Great story...

The following story was taken from A Disciples (link in my sidebar). They have twice-weekly devotions that are usually pretty thought provoking, and this one definitely fits that description:

A story has been told of two men crossing the desert in the black of night. Suddenly a voice spoke, “Stop and fill your containers with what your hands find on the ground.” Reluctantly, because of weariness from their long journey, they obeyed the unknown voice even though they could not see in the dark what they were picking up. They continued their journey, and when daybreak came they looked into their containers to discover with amazement they had picked up diamonds. They had both gladness and regret—glad that they had obeyed the voice in the dark of night and regretful they had not enthusiastically gathered more. The Lord promises to reward those who seek Him now with all their heart. Those who do so on earth will be glad they did when in the light of the new day they see what they gathered by faith and not by sight. Those who do not diligently seek Him now will regret it in that day when they see what they missed that will affect their whole eternity. Now—today— is the time to lay up treasure in heaven.

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