Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Misc. Post

One more picture of Amelia's Thanksgiving crafts

My boss sent me an early Christmas gift. It's a marinara sauce using his special recipe. He is hoping to start selling this to the public real soon. He's an authentic Italian with the name to prove it - Giovanni - so I'm looking forward to trying this with some spaghetti this week. The peppers he sent look yummy, too!

On Wednesday, I had made some cupcakes for Cari to take to school on Thursday. There really wasn't anything that she had to do at school on Thursday, so she ended up staying home. So, she and her friend Alle decorated the cupcakes instead and offered to take some to our older next door neighbors. They've been very gracious to us, and Cari wanted to do something for them first this year.

Matthew had to decorate a cupcake, too

Alle and Cari showing off their work

My cupcake

Amelia working hard on her cupcake

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