Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy New Year! and Happy Birthday!

I know I'm a little behind on the Happy New Year, but this is the first opportunity I have had to say it. :)

Everything seems to be back in full swing around here with the oldest two back in school. I certainly enjoyed our Christmas break having everyone at home, the week-long visit with my father-in-law, and then a surprise, quick visit at the end of the break from my brother and his family.

Now we're continuing to stay busy watching Madison play basketball. And, she turned 16 last week, so we enjoyed celebrating all weekend! We took her and some friends out to eat at a Japanese restaurant on Friday, and then they came back and watched movies, ate cookie cake and ice cream, and had fun just hanging out.

Madison & Marah (Marah is the daughter of one of my best friends since childhood. She and Madison have been the best of friends for a long time.)

Madison always requests a cookie cake on her birthday. I usually buy one, but I made a couple this year instead.

Madison and Sam

Madison and the rest of her birthday crew. This is a GREAT group of kids!

And here are a few shots from the basketball season so far:

I am very proud of Madison for many reasons, and I am so thankful that the Lord saw fit to bless us with her 16 years ago. And now, in the next few weeks we get to look forward to her getting her driver's license. :/ Many prayers are appreciated!

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