Saturday, January 21, 2012

Resolutions and Other Randomness

I'm sitting here on a stormy Saturday morning. The children are still sleeping, and Brad's off running errands. I could be doing something productive, but after four hours of driving to and from a fairly disappointing (in several ways) basketball game last night, I'm just not in the mood. I had a fairly productive week, so I think I'll just blog for a bit. Not much to do around here anyway until another game this evening.

Well.....Madison's 16th birthday was the first of a few milestones occurring in our family this year. The next one belongs to me. I'll be turning 40. Oh my goodness! And then in April, Brad and I will be celebrating 20 years of marriage. Also in April, Cari will be turning 13, so we will officially have two teenagers in the house. Wow!! Exciting but absolutely unbelievable.

And I guess I can't blog in January without mentioning something about resolutions. I don't normally do too much of the resolution thing, but I've made a few this year. One is to exercise more. I was going to Zumba with some friends and enjoyed it so much, but with our busy schedule, it's been hard to fit it in. So, I've been doing my Wii Active with my "personal trainer" (LOL), and I actually enjoy doing it. I'm doing the 30-day challenge, which I've started on several occasions but have never actually finished, so I'm hoping to do so this time. I'm halfway through it, and I actually look forward to my time during the day when I can do it.

We recently got some new living room furniture, so we moved the old down to the basement and set up a TV room in one section, and that's where we keep the Wii. The middle section next to it is where Amelia and Matthew keep their toys, so they like to play while I'm working out. If my "trainer" is making me run, they usually stop what they are doing and come run along beside me. They don't care too much for the other parts, except Matthew does like the punching bag and will punch the air along with me when that comes up.

I'm also working on buying more organic/non-processed/non-artificial ingredients food for our family - they are probably thinking how that could possibly happen - but there is always room for improvement.

I've hardly bought any prepackaged snacks, etc., so needless to say, I've been doing a lot of baking!

My biggest/hardest goal is to cut wayyyyyyy back on refined sugar. This is actually working out well for me and is becoming a challenge that I am enjoying - sometimes. I can really tell a difference without it. I seem to be thinking clearer and much less easily irritated. Too much sugar can really make me grouchy, probably because I'm so tired after eating it.

But, I have to admit that last night I felt a bit like an alcoholic. I was stressed and wanted some sugar badly! I drove by Dairy Queen and fought the urge to turn in. Then I thought I would stop at the grocery store close to home and pick up some ice cream, but when I got there it was pouring rain and I was tired. So, I thought I'd just eat one of those cookies at home that I let Amelia get at the grocery store yesterday. By the time we got home, those cookies were long gone. I went to bed without any sugar, and thankfully I lived to tell about it.

Lastly, in an effort to elevate the organization around this house - as well as the organization inside my head - I purchased a planner that I love! It has all that I need and nothing more. It's called the Time Keeper and is offered at The Well Kept Life. The 2012 planner appears to be sold out, but if you're looking for a good planner, I recommend you shop early when the 2013 is available. It has a month-at-a-glance, as well as weekly pages, shopping lists, meal planner, and to-do lists.

I guess that's enough for now. I think I'll go and enjoy this lazy Saturday, and hopefully we will all come home happier after tonight's ballgame than we did last night. I'm ready for the track season to begin.....yeah. :>)

"My hope is in You, Lord, all the day long!" (And thankfully not in basketball, basketball coaches, or anything else this world has to offer. How miserable life would be if that was where my hope was placed. What a marvelous realization!)

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