Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Auburn & AnnaBelle

After church on Sunday, Cari, Amelia, Brad and I headed to Auburn, Alabama to watch an Auburn women's basketball game. It was a great game with them coming back and winning in the last one to two minutes. Cari is the big Auburn fan around here, so this is something she had really wanted to do. It was just the four of us as Matthew did not want to go and asked to stay with nana and granddaddy, and Madison already had other plans.

And now.......introducing.......AnnaBelle!

Matthew always has food on his face in his pictures. LOL

We picked this little girl up at the local animal shelter. She's a "shepherd mix," and she does look like an Australian Shepherd, so we're hoping that's what they meant. At any rate, Amelia is quite satisfied and has a new best friend.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Waiting on a Dog

Amelia is about to go crazy if she does not have a dog in her possession soon. That is something she is always thinking about lately. It all started when our little dog disappeared sometime before Christmas. We have no idea what happened to him. At this point, I don't think he's coming back, so I guess it's time to start thinking about getting another one, but we're trying to be patient. In the meantime, Amelia is checking out every movie she can find at the library about dogs. She has her stuffed dogs that she pretends are real dogs, and sometimes (a lot actually) she and Matthew take turns pretending to be dogs and lead each other around the house, bring me things that they are carrying in their mouth, etc. It's really getting hilariously ridiculous.

We've been looking, and last Saturday there was an ad in the paper for a free wire haired terrier puppy. I found a picture of such a dog on-line, and that particular dog was really cute, so we went and checked out the puppy. When we arrived, what we saw was nothing like the dog I had seen on-line. This dog looked more like a wet rat with half of its hair missing. Of course, Amelia thought it was cute and that it should come home with us. (That's how desperate she is.) Then the lady told us there was a mistake in the paper and the dogs they had were available for donations and not for free because they were a rescue group. I didn't want the dog for free, much less for a donation, so we politely retreated to the van.

Yesterday, Madison and I were in Rome, and we stopped at a pet store along the way. I knew not to take Amelia, and it was a good thing I didn't. They had about 10 dogs in there, and I would have taken any of them. We played with a couple that especially caught our eyes, but we gently headed them back when we heard the price. $999. Seriously.

She then brought over a basset hound that was absolutely adorable, but it grabbed a hold of the bottom of Madison's jeans and wouldn't let go. When it finally did, it attacked my shoe strings and would not let go. Finally, the employee pried the dog off of my shoe and with its $699 price tag, we politely left that store as well - actually I was chased out by a bird, but that's a different story.

So, we continue to patiently wait on that dog that's meant for us. I told Amelia that we needed to pray for God to send just the right dog for us because, unfortunately, in the past few years we have had a lot of the wrong dogs. I could tell lots of stories about that, but I think I'll stop right here. :>)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Like a River Glorious

Stayed upon Jehovah,
Hearts are fully blessed.
Finding as He promised,
Perfect peace and rest.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Grumbling and Complaining

This post was actually started last Monday - just now getting an opportunity to finish it.....

Yesterday's church service may have been arranged just for me. Well, probably not, but it sure did feel like it. From the music to the lessons to the message, it all was just what I needed to hear. Our pastor is preaching through the Bible and is currently in Numbers. Yesterday was from Numbers chapters 11 and 12, and the message was centered upon the sins of grumbling and complaining > how contagious it is, how it brings us down along with others around us, and how it belittles the sovereignty of God. After all, if I truly believe that everything I am going through is part of God's plan, why should I be complaining? Isn't everything for my good - even the parts that I don't like?

Another good point made was how we can save our grumbling and complaining for God. Isn't that what David did in many of the Psalms? In doing so, hopefully we can avoid that "misery loves company" thing and just talk it out with God and ask for wisdom in how to deal with whatever it is. Just something else to add to my list of "things to work on."

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hello 4-0!

I'm sitting here sort of wishing today was a repeat of last Saturday. Last weekend was a celebration of me turning 40, and my husband certainly did a good job of spoiling me. He started the day off by sending me to the spa, and it was fabulous! I got a facial, massage, manicure, and pedicure. The facial was my favorite and definitely the most relaxing, but I enjoyed and appreciated everything. Then later that evening, Brad invited my family and some friends over. He took care of everything, which was a present in itself. Sadly, we didn't take one picture to remember the day, but I can always come back here and read about it.

God has blessed me with 40 wonderful years for which I am very, very thankful, and I certainly believe that it is a blessing that I don't feel 40, or at least what I imagined 40 would feel like 20 years ago! ;>)


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