Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Auburn & AnnaBelle

After church on Sunday, Cari, Amelia, Brad and I headed to Auburn, Alabama to watch an Auburn women's basketball game. It was a great game with them coming back and winning in the last one to two minutes. Cari is the big Auburn fan around here, so this is something she had really wanted to do. It was just the four of us as Matthew did not want to go and asked to stay with nana and granddaddy, and Madison already had other plans.

And now.......introducing.......AnnaBelle!

Matthew always has food on his face in his pictures. LOL

We picked this little girl up at the local animal shelter. She's a "shepherd mix," and she does look like an Australian Shepherd, so we're hoping that's what they meant. At any rate, Amelia is quite satisfied and has a new best friend.

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