Monday, February 20, 2012

Grumbling and Complaining

This post was actually started last Monday - just now getting an opportunity to finish it.....

Yesterday's church service may have been arranged just for me. Well, probably not, but it sure did feel like it. From the music to the lessons to the message, it all was just what I needed to hear. Our pastor is preaching through the Bible and is currently in Numbers. Yesterday was from Numbers chapters 11 and 12, and the message was centered upon the sins of grumbling and complaining > how contagious it is, how it brings us down along with others around us, and how it belittles the sovereignty of God. After all, if I truly believe that everything I am going through is part of God's plan, why should I be complaining? Isn't everything for my good - even the parts that I don't like?

Another good point made was how we can save our grumbling and complaining for God. Isn't that what David did in many of the Psalms? In doing so, hopefully we can avoid that "misery loves company" thing and just talk it out with God and ask for wisdom in how to deal with whatever it is. Just something else to add to my list of "things to work on."

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