Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's Official

Yesterday morning, my mother came over early to sit with my little ones while I took Madison for her driving test. She passed and is now officially a licensed driver. We came back home, she dropped me off and gathered up her school stuff, and then she was headed off to school by herself for the first time. This morning was the first morning for her and Cari both to head off to school without me. I am really feeling like I am in the twilight zone right now.

Here she is as she was leaving for school yesterday.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Last Saturday

We had such a good time at Agatha's Mystery Dinner Theater last Saturday night! Except for the monster headache that came on suddenly, I really enjoyed myself. Thankfully, Anslea had some Aleve to give me, and that stuff works pretty quick for me. The food was quite tasty, and the "mystery" was very entertaining. Melissa got to play a part, but thankfully she was not the murderer! LOL and the rest of us were in various singing groups....very interesting singing groups.... Here are some pics from our night ~~~

Donna and Melissa with one of the main actors in "Jekyllicious"

Melissa played the part of "Mary Cray." Thus the pink jacket...

I returned home just before midnight after picking up Madison at Sam's house on my way home. My parents' car was in the driveway, and that was rather confusing to her as they are never out this late. I told her they had probably just come by to visit with Brad's parents and got to talking. She was actually tired enough to fall for that.

Here's actually what was happening: A couple of months ago, Brad and I decided that we would get Madison a car of her own - after telling her for quite some time that she would be driving Brad's car and that he would return to driving his truck. That really was the plan, but the closer it got, Brad realized he didn't really want to drive his truck - not to mention the fact that it doesn't want to start. LOL

So, three and a half weeks ago, we found a great deal on Ebay for the exact car she has always wanted. It happened to be in Texas - not too far from Brad's parents - so they picked it up for us and held onto it all this time, finally driving it here on Saturday. Madison had no clue about any of this.

When we got home, Brad had the car around the back of the house so she wouldn't see it when we pulled in. It was her understanding that he needed to get something at the store (at midnight?), so he went for a test drive in his mother's new car (she really did get a car but obviously didn't drive it here). He came inside a few minutes later after us, and Brad's mother told her that she had to go see her new car. We all went outside, and as Madison got closer, she could tell that it was the car she had been wanting, and slowly a look of "you're kidding me" was coming over her face. She could not believe that her grandmother had tricked her and had actually went and bought the car she had been wanting! Then she got closer and read the car tag on the front of the car, which was monogrammed with her own initials. It took her a second, but then a look of total surprise and unbelief was all over her face! She could not hold back the tears and hugs for everybody. It was truly a great, awesome moment ~~~ I am SO thankful that we were able to do this for her.

I watched to see her reaction, and almost immediately afterwards, I snapped this picture.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Exciting Weekend Ahead!

Lord willing, tomorrow is going to be a pretty fine day ~ one to go down in history, maybe. ;)

Well, actually tomorrow evening/night. In the morning, we have to complete our painting project in the basement that we started two weekends ago. Weekend before last, we painted half the basement play room/TV room. Last weekend, we painted the other half. This weekend, we have to finish painting the trim and doing some touch-up stuff. I'll then have to quickly clean and organize as my in-laws are coming into town tomorrow evening and may be sleeping down there? Not sure about all that yet.

I'm hoping I'll get all my upstairs chores completed today. Thanks to a very productive day yesterday, I think that can happen. I needed a productive day yesterday as the first three days were definitely not!

Yesterday, I was up around 5 a.m. to start on my transcription work, then took the girls to school, came home and finished working, fixed breakfast, did Amelia's school work, deep cleaned my bedroom, living room, and kitchen, fixed lunch (actually Zaxby's fixed lunch), washed the van, gave the dog a bath, and even had some time left over before getting the girls at school to retrieve several balls out of the woods that Amelia and Matthew were wanting to play with. I have the briar marks on my arm to prove it! Then got the girls, came home and cooked supper, Madison and I left to go to salon for me to get a haircut and her a color, came home and ate supper, cleaned the kitchen, and then collapsed on the couch. I love days like this when I go to bed feeling like things got accomplished. I had too much transcription work and not enough energy at the first of the week, so I'm very thankful to God for providing me with energy and motivation yesterday. I pray He does the same today! :)

After all the work is out of the way, I am having an evening out with my BFFs. We're all turning 40 this year, and we're going to Agatha's (a mystery dinner theater) to celebrate. I know it's going to be so much fun. Bonnie told us that going to Agatha's was something that Terri had always wanted to do, so we're also doing it in her honor.

Then when I get home, there's going to be a surprise at our house.... Can't wait!

Pictures of all of the above will follow!


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