Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Disney Vacation - Day 1

{The surprise guest} Amelia did not know that her friend would be joining her on vacation until there was a knock at our door. When we opened the door, they both just stood there as if they were in shock or something. Not nearly the dramatic event I had imagined in my head. (Laughing) But they didn't stand there long and soon trekked back to their bedroom for some serious conversation.

This is one of the villas surrounding the lake at the resort we stayed at. They gave us a great home away from home on the ground floor, so we were able to walk out our patio door and head straight to the pools, etc.

The ducks also enjoyed visiting us on our patio, although they did leave us a few gifts....

It was one of the best places we have stayed on vacation. It was like a miniature town. With five pools, two lazy rivers, a playground, a putt-putt course, arcade, water slides, water park, and other activities, we really didn't have a need to leave the property in pursuit of entertainment.

Madison, Cari, and I were out for an evening stroll and caught a picture of this guy.

{Nighttime putt-putt}

{The Dads}

{Matthew enjoying his first round of putt-putt}

{The BFFs}

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