Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Fun!

Last week was crazy busy with Summer Basketball. Madison played 11 games last week! She was the only returning varsity player there for a couple of days, so she had to play a lot.

It was nice getting to see her play so much, although she was beyond exhausted. I was seeing glimpses of the old Madison basketball player - that spark and hustle she used to have when she enjoyed playing. Glad to see it.

This week has been a little slower. I didn't get much done at all last week, but this week has been quite productive. Needed that. My house is appreciative.

Yesterday was a fun day. Started off with a trip to the library where we saw the Reptile Wrangler. Met some pretty serious reptiles ~ the kind you would not want to meet on your own!

In the afternoon, we went to Six Flags. We got there around 4 p.m., and I now wonder why I ever got there at any other time before. The majority were obviously exhausted, and most were ready to head home - a lot did. We almost felt like we had the park to ourselves. Lines were minimal if any. A couple of times we were asked if we wanted to ride again because there was no one else waiting. Perfection! They closed at 8, so we were there for four hours. I dare say we rode more in that 4 hours than we did the last time when we got there when they opened.

Today, since the two oldest have had friends over nearly every day, they are taking a break, and the little ones are getting to spend the day playing with friends.

And they've been playing hard. I intervened at one point with some water balloon fun, but most of the time I think they would rather create their own fun. As long as it's safe, I'm okay with that.

But this was fun for a little while. Family Fun magazine had the idea to hide water balloons - like Easter eggs - so Cari and I did that and let them find them. This lead to a battle of course, which led to filling more balloons and just battling - forgetting the hiding, which led to forgetting water balloons and just getting sprayed with the water hose that I was using to fill the balloons with. Fun!

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