Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Amelia's Birthday

Amelia turned 7 on Monday, and she enjoyed a weekend of celebrations. {Actually, her birthday began about two weeks ago when paw paw took her shopping when he was visiting with us.}

On Saturday evening, my family came over, and I made the spaghetti as mentioned below, which was followed by cake and ice cream. In between the main course and dessert, she opened her gifts.

She was super duper excited to discover that she had indeed received an iPod, which she had been requesting for months. My mom, dad, and sister were the ones responsible for that ~ absolutely made her birthday.

Or on a comparable note, her BFF Millie got to spend the night Sunday, and then we spent the afternoon at Yogi Bear Park swimming and playing and taking a train ride around the park {and petting a snake, an iguana, and other lizard creatures}. She had quite a fun day!

She is becoming such a little lady. A very headstrong little lady at times, but I guess that comes with the territory.

Like my two oldest, she is slowly coming "out of her shell." Each of them {as well as Matthew} were extremely shy and non-talkative to strangers and basically anyone outside of the family or close friends.

Slowly but surely {and I try to not make a big deal out of this and just let it happen in its own time), they are able to make eye contact and at least smile, eventually becoming friendly and talkative. It's a process, and I'm seeing it develop in her. It's fun to watch.

She'll be starting 2nd grade {very soon} and still loves anything to do with dogs, as evidenced below by two of her gifts, as well as the super cute birthday cake in the middle photo.

She's looking forward to playing basketball this winter, and I'm looking forward to watching her!

She's also learning her books of the Bible and loves to go to church. I'm praying for God to open her heart to give her understanding of Him and His ways. From time to time, I can see curiosity in this area.

So thankful for this very sweet girl that God has blessed us with.

The sisters and the brother {with my dad in the background}

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