Monday, July 30, 2012

Time to Get Started

Here I sit at my computer, trying to drink my banana, blueberry, and spinach smoothie. But I don't think I can. This is more like a "thicky" than a "smoothy." Definitely not enough liquid. I think I need a spoon.

I'm also thinking about the day ahead, as we're going to get started with some school work today. Our books and other materials I purchased from Timberdoodle came in last week, and I'm anxious to begin.

Last year was easy. This year will be different.

It's funny that this time last year, homeschooling was over for our family. But if you were reading a year ago, you will remember that Amelia's two-day stint at the local elementary school didn't go over so well. :D And then I was back to homeschooling one. Well, officially that is. Two-year-old Matthew (at the time) was getting in on the action when he could.

This year, Cari will be returning to homeschooling. Her two-year stint at the local middle school didn't go over so well. Sixth grade was okay. Seventh grade was not - at all.

One of the reasons I put her in school was because she struggled so much with math. My thought at the time was that maybe a "professional" would be able to give her more help in this area. Not sure what I was thinking as I look back. I should have realized that a teacher with a classroom full of kids was not going to be able to give her the extra help she needed. As the school year was coming to a close just a few months ago, I realized that we had to do something different. I thought about homeschooling her again and mentioned it to Brad. I hesitated to mention it to her since I knew there were other aspects of public school that she enjoyed and didn't know how that would go over. After praying about it, I did mention it to her. She didn't even have to think about it. It was a definite yes. I was shocked! To my knowledge, she hasn't second guessed that decision at all.

So, I'll be teaching an 8th grader, 2nd grader, and getting Matthew started with pre-school. He won't be 4 until November, but I believe he's ready.

Cari will also be attending a local co-op with lots of other homeschooled children. She'll be taking three classes there - history, science, and home ec. She may be participating in a drama club as well. And, she has signed up to be a cheerleader at a sort of nearby Christian school. She's very excited about all of this, and I pray that all these things work together for her good.

Madison will start school on Wednesday. She'll be in the 11th grade and actually (unless her schedule changes) will only have two classes this semester. The other half of the day she will be working in the school office or doing weight training. Softball season will officially start next week as well.

I'm just hoping that between her schedule and Cari's and everything else that has to be done that I can get everything accomplished. This will require lots of prayer and keeping my calendar in close contact at all times!

I've been trying to make preparations for all of this. I still need to get some schedules put together as I see how things fall into place. I sort of did away with schedules over the past few years as I felt they were no longer needed, but I have come to realize that things are much more efficient around here if I function on a schedule.

I've also made the decision to start doing my transcription work in the evening as opposed to getting up extra early in the mornings. As a result of this decision, I moved my desk and computer down to the basement area so I might have the possibility of a quieter situation while I'm working. This has an added benefit as well. When the desk was upstairs, it was way too easy to think of something I needed to look up on the internet and just go do it. This would lead to other things and before I knew it, I had wasted a good amount of time. Now something comes to mind, and it's not as easy to run downstairs. And that's a good thing. Saving time is always a good thing!

Speaking of time, I guess I've used up enough this morning. Let's get this day started - with lots of prayer that God would bless this school year and that His Holy Spirit would guide me in all things! Because I cannot do this on my own. Don't even want to try.

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