Monday, November 12, 2012

The Past Few Weeks

Our  Texas Trip in October ~

 ^First stop for the best Mexican food!

Texas vs. Baylor Football Game!  This was my first college football game experience, and it was a lot of fun.

But first, if we ever end up in Austin, we can't leave until we've experienced some County Line BBQ!

Pawpaw and Cari looking over the menu.....

I ordered the beef brisket tacos.  They were A.MAZ.ING! I would love one of those right now!


Brad and Madison shared this humongous yummy mess.  It was served on what looked like a turkey platter, and yes, it was as big as it looks!

We then headed over to the University of Texas to line up to see the football team arrive.

It was pretty neat to see Mack Brown and Manny Diaz in person!  Not to mention Case McCoy, Jaxon Shipley, and David Ash.  (A friend of Brad's that lives in Texas was meeting us there, and he was standing on the opposite side of the lineup.  Apparently he was standing next to Mrs. McCoy (as in Colt and Case's mom), and Case and Jaxon leaned over and gave her a hug when they walked by.  That would have been fun to see. We were obviously standing on the wrong side!)

The kids love going to Sharon's house - a long time family friend.  She has seven dogs, which of course made dog lover Amelia's day.  Cari loves the horses, and Matthew just enjoyed taking it all in. (Madison had to fly home early for school.)  I love it there, too.  It just seems to be everything that Texas should be.

 Dinner wasn't ready, but Matthew needed to ring the bell anyway.

It would appear we only go to Texas to eat, and that may actually be part of the reason, ;D, but we just can't find this sort of cuisine in Georgia, so we have to take advantage of it while we can.  Here we are at Joe T. Garcia's - a famous family style Mexican Restaurant in Ft. Worth.  We always sit outside in the beautiful gardens, and it makes me want to go home and do some yard work.

At least 2 of the 5 people below were ready for this picture!

A couple of days after we returned home, we enjoyed a very, very cold family (and friends) fun day at church ~ compliments of Luther Ranch

Then a few days later, it was Halloween!

Painting pumpkins with friends >

My first try at face painting.  Yay for stencils!

Cari's friend Melissa did a great job doing Matthew's spiderman face.

When we arrived in town, we met up with some friends.

Madison had her softball sports banquet the first weekend of November.  She received the offensive player of the year award.  (Actually, the plaque read "Most Offensive Player."  I thought that was kind of funny ~ probably could have been worded a little differently, but we definitely got the point!) lol

Later in the week, caught a cute shot of Amelia getting a goodnight hug from her BDF (best dog friend)!

Then last week, we celebrated Matthew's 4th birthday!  It was more like a week-long celebration, as birthdays usually are around here.  He had a great day with friends and then later went with them to see Veggie Tales live.  (He slept through half of it but still said he had a good time.)  When he got back home, I had his requested McDonald's waiting on him, and then he got to open some more gifts. Fun!

And lastly, Madison's fall season of travel ball came to an end this weekend.  They won their tournament ~ no better way to end the season!

The three HC girls ~ 

Such wonderful captured memories and many, many blessings ~ feeling very thankful.  Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

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