Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January is almost outta here!

Wow.  What a quick month it has been!  Basketball season has certainly kept this family hopping.  Between Amelia's practices and games, and Madison's games, our schedule is pretty full.  I won't know what to do with myself once the season ends.  Well, I take that back.  Madison's travel softball season will be getting in full force, and Amelia is wanting to play soccer or softball.  I think we have one day to decide and get signed up.  Cari is thinking about gymnastics, and Matthew wants to play baseball, but I'm not sure if he's old enough yet.  My head is spinning - but what's new? :)

Basketball has not been too kind to Madison this year.  She left one game and headed to ER for CT scan for a possible concussion (thankfully, there wasn't) after two hard hits to the floor, and on two separate occasions, we've visited the orthopedist to make sure ankles were not broken.  No breaks but two sprained ankles.  She did get her picture on the front page of the local newspaper - an exciting moment for the year.

Amelia is having a lot of fun with her first season.  She is a little beast on the defense!  The offense is a little harder for her since the majority of girls are a head taller than her.  I had no idea she was so small for her age!

In other news.......

***January brought a huge answer to a prayer, and I can't praise God enough for it!

***I'm still trying to keep all of my 2013 goals in mind, and I've seen some improvements in these "works in progress."

***We have a warm-blooded creature who has joined our family via the local animal shelter.  I don't really want to say "new member of the family" because I'm really not sure how long she's going to be here.  She's perfectly house trained, which is a huge plus, but she appears to be having some personality conflicts with certain members of the family.  She would make a great companion for someone who lives alone, and I hope we can eventually find her someone like that.  (Her eyes really aren't blue.  I guess animals get blue eyes as opposed to the red eyes that humans get in pictures??  LOL)

***We had one snow day!

***Brad made a quick trip to Texas to honor his Great Aunt Marie at her memorial service after she passed away back in December.  We got to see her fairly often in our early years of marriage, but as her health failed, it became harder for her to travel.  Two years ago, we were finally able to get to Houston, Texas, and she was able to meet the whole family.  I am so glad we were able to do that.  She was a generous lady with a quick wit like I've never seen.  She will be missed.

***That same weekend, Madison and Cari got to attend a youth conference in Tennessee with our church's youth group.  It was perfect timing as it coincided with some other issues that just made it that way - perfect timing that is.  I'm very thankful they got to go.

So, there you have it - January at a glance.  The highlights.  :)

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