Saturday, March 9, 2013

I'm Still Here

It's Saturday morning, and I'm home alone.  The house is clean, and unless I've forgotten something, everything is taken care of for the morning.  Seven of the nine of us (The six of us, plus Brad's parents, plus Cari's friend) have left already for a weekend trip to Tennessee.  I dropped Madison off at school early this morning so she could take her SAT, and I'll be headed back in a couple of hours to get her, and then we'll be on our way.  Even though it's just a couple of days, I'm looking forward to a change of scenery.

I don't have too many pics from February, but here's a few I saved to my computer >>>

In the shot above, I had cleaned out their living room toys while they were sleeping, and when they woke up, I think they were surprised to see what they had.  Less is more!  They had a lot of fun playing that morning, and I didn't even mind that we started school late that day.   

Below are a couple of shots from Matthew and Amelia helping dad out.  Brad is baby-stepping clearing of our property.  Each Saturday, he's been doing a section at a time - clearing, mowing, cutting, burning - and it is really looking good.

Matthew and Annabelle working hard.
Annabelle and Amelia taking a break from helping dad burn trees and such.

Amelia's basketball team

Amelia (aka spunky monkey) - #2
She was the captain for the last game of the season.  The last was the best by far for her!
(Amelia had a lot of fun playing basketball.  She had her first softball practice this week, and she didn't love it so much.  In fact, as we were walking away, she very bluntly stated she wanted to quit.  We tried softball a couple of years ago, and she didn't love it then either.  We took a year off and tried again, and I don't think it made much difference.  I'm trying to convince her to give it one more chance - it was freezing at her last 2-hour practice, and that was a bit of an influence - but I won't make her play if she doesn't want to.  She might just be a one-sport kind of girl, and that is certainly okay!)

Then came Valentine's Day! I found these old Bingo cards I had printed long ago, and we had so much fun playing over and over.
Decorating for Valentine's Family Dinner

Here's the shot just before we sat down.  I tried to make something that was everyone's favorite.  I made Brad's favorite cashew and craisin salad, chicken fingers, which everyone likes with "Chick-Fil-A sauce" (Madison's favorite and a recipe I found on Pinterest), french fries for Matthew, and a tasty garlic bread (another Pinterest find) for Cari - the bread lover. Dessert was M&M cookies.  Amelia pretty much likes it all.  She has become my non-pickiest eater and will try just about anything and rarely finds anything she doesn't like.

Matthew's new Spider Man bike helmet.

We found a new home for Molly, the Jack Russell.  I think she'll be very happy there as she will be living in a home with an older couple who have no small children around.  Matthew and Amelia were able to recoup a little of their Christmas money they had used on Molly, and Amelia got a new bike and helmet, and Matthew got a new baseball bat and mini-trampoline.

No pics of Cari and Madison - I'll have to do something about that in Tennessee - but Cari is currently getting ready for a Wizard of Oz play that her drama class at school will be performing soon.  She is a munchkin.  Madison has moved on to track season at school, and travel softball has begun as well with their first tournament last Saturday.  That was the first time I've ever watched softball in the snow, and I'm kind of hoping it will be my last.  LOL

And with this update, I guess March may officially begin. ;>)

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