Thursday, April 4, 2013

Unanswered Answered Prayer

That prayer I was so happy about being answered back in January seems to have taken a turn back in the other direction.  Or has it?  Maybe I was happy because it was answered the way I had planned, but apparently God had/has other plans.  Apparently?  More like definitely.

I clearly see God working in all of this.  One big way is how I've seen mine and Brad's hearts change on a matter at the same time when our thoughts had been so opposite to this new thing.  Only God could have done that, and the best thing we can do is let Him lead and not get in His way.
“God, what are you doing?” That’s a fair question. I knew that he had not abandoned us, so he must have been doing something. I just didn’t understand what. “God, what are you doing?” …no answer came
“God, what are you teaching me about yourself?” I knew that if God did not act in a way that I expected, it was not God who was wrong but my expectations. I firmly believe that when God doesn’t act in a way you expect him to, he is trying to teach you something about himself that you don’t quite get. “God, what are you teaching me about yourself? …no answer came
“God, what am I supposed to do?” I knew that if God was doing something and teaching me something, that there must be some response required on my part. “God what am I supposed to do in response to what you are doing and what you are teaching me about yourself.” …and then the answers came pouring in.
I came across the above last night - and not by accident I'm sure.  It was a wow moment.  This person is going through something totally different, but it did not change the fact that I could so relate.

And the wow-ness continues:
“I know that God is for me. But is it possible for his hand to be working against us?” After all, he told Moses to go to Pharaoh and say ‘Let my people go.’ Meanwhile, God was hardening Pharaoh’s heart so that he wouldn’t let his people go! God did this because there was a greater glory and a greater story that only came through prolonging the trial. “Could this be what God is doing through us?”
At this point, you're probably wishing I would just share what the prayer is, but now is just not a good time.  But I do look forward to the day when I can post the whole story - when the Great Artist has finished painting this picture.

But I do encourage you to go and read the whole story from which I just quoted two pieces.  It is an amazing story and paints a beautiful picture of Christ and how He came to us because we could have never come to Him on our own.  So, so amazingly beautiful.

(Ann Voskamp's post from yesterday was right on target as well:  I need the perfect, sinless sacrifice of Jesus Christ who can take all the broken messes and make them into mosaics of Grace.)

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