Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our New News

With a five-year span between being a pastor and not, we have been blessed to be asked to become part of the congregation of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church.  We are so excited to be a part of this loving group.  They ministered to me in so many ways during my mother's illness and passing, and I was going to be very sad if we were not going to stick around.

Several months ago, after a few years of having no God-given desire to pastor a church, the desire came back.  Not only to Brad but to me as well.  After we left the congregation in Alabama that we loved so much, we had a hard time finding our place.  We tried home church for a few months but soon realized that it was not for us. We visited another church for a year or two and then later ended up at First Baptist, which was an excellent fit for our family.  Then in the late summer of 2012, Brad was called to be interim pastor at a local church that was searching for a full-time minister.  We stayed there for eight months and were a little sad when it was over.  We realized just how much we missed it.  About three months later, we were at Mt. Carmel as interim, and now we officially get to stay.

Last Sunday, they welcomed us with a huge banner on the side of the church -

and a lunch after morning services - complete with a Texas Longhorn cake.  :)

These people have huge hearts, and I know that it's not just my family that they minister to - they take care of anyone that they know has a need.....

John 13:35 ----- > By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.

We're looking forward to loving others with them and pray that God is glorified in all things.

1 Chronicles 10:31 ----- > So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

Monday, October 21, 2013


My second oldest, Cari, decided to try out a new sport this year ~ Volleyball!  This is the first season for the local rec. departments so everybody is learning together and having a lot fun while doing so.  She had her first game on Saturday ~ her team won the first set but then lost the second and the tie breaker.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Signs of Fall

Even with all that has gone on this fall, it is still my favorite season.  There's just something about fall that makes me feel good, and thankfully that has stayed true this year and been a help during these tough times.  After putting life on hold for a few months, we're slowly coming back around.  Like I told my sister, our mother is experiencing happiness like we've never known, so we shouldn't feel guilty about finding happiness again.....

On Saturday, Matthew, Amelia and I went to the local Methodist church's pumpkin farm and brought these home.  Brad decided it needed to be carved with a Texas Longhorn.  Not too shabby.   Afterwards, we sat in the front yard with a small fire and made some S'mores.  Our little dog, Missy, got too close to the fire and caught her tail on fire.  It didn't burn long enough for her to feel anything but what a sight!  Crazy dog.

Mailbox decoration

Attempted to make some caramel apples using THIS recipe.  Yep, it was a little runny but tasted amazing!

Amelia with proof of the "runny"

It's homecoming week at school.  On Tuesday, she was Pocahontas.  She told me on Monday evening that she needed a Pocahontas costume and did I have any ideas.  I went to Pinterest of course, and it didn't take long to find something.    We found a long sleeve brown shirt in Brad's closet and went to work. 
Yesterday was decade day, so she was a 50's girl.  Today was nerd day or 'Merica day (they always give two choices), so she was basically an American nerd.  Didn't get a picture, but it was cute!  Maybe she'll post one later that I can steal.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Senior Year

Madison is halfway through the first semester of her senior year.  Softball season officially ended on Wednesday as they fell out of the region tournament.  They didn't have such a great year, but oh well.  I think that makes it a little easier to move on.  If they had a winning season, I might not have wanted it to end, so I guess it's all for the best.  Lol!  The senior night was a little sad, but I had so many other things on my mind that it wasn't as sad as I had imagined it would be.

Senior night = Brad didn't quite make it there in time, so Matthew helped me escort her
The Seniors

Her first travel ball tournament is coming up in two weeks.  We get to spend the weekend in Tennessee at a college showcase tournament.  She is really hoping to play ball in college, so we'll see how that all works out.  Travel ball is much more fun than school ball, so we're looking forward to that.

Basketball is also around the corner.  I have one last chance - one last season - to behave at basketball games.  Not making any promises, but I'm going to try my best.  :>)  I never say anything at softball games, so softball parents can't believe I lose my composure at basketball games on occasion.  Just the nature of the beast I guess.

She had her senior pictures taken several weeks ago.  Here's a sampling....

This past week, she and a group of 10 to 15 seniors were chosen as the best in her class by the teachers.  I asked her if it was the "Outstanding Seniors" award that is given every year, but she said no. ?  So I'm not sure what that was or if she was mistaken.  Anyway, we count it as an honor.

That's all the senior year highlights I can think of for now, but I'm sure there will be more to come!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Time to Start Breathing Again

I can't believe this post is taking place, but as a follow-up to my last post almost three months ago, today we laid my mom to rest.  After suffering with the terrible evil disease that cancer is for what seems like a few short months in some ways and an eternity in others, she is no longer suffering and is now with Jesus.  Breaks my heart to even say it, but it's the truth, and even though it seems so very unreal, it is indeed time to face the truth.  I'm sure over the next few days, weeks, months, and even years, I'll be facing the truth many times.  She was a wonderful mother who loved her husband, her daughters, and without question adored her four grandchildren.  It's unbelievable how she's going to be missed.

Life has been put on hold for the past few months as my dad and my sister and I have cared for her the best ways we knew how.  Without a doubt, she left this temporary home knowing that she was deeply loved.

Now it's time to find normal again, and I hope to find time to blog more about our daily life as I've learned through this and understand more than ever how important it is to document our lives and keep those memories in plain view.


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