Thursday, October 17, 2013

Signs of Fall

Even with all that has gone on this fall, it is still my favorite season.  There's just something about fall that makes me feel good, and thankfully that has stayed true this year and been a help during these tough times.  After putting life on hold for a few months, we're slowly coming back around.  Like I told my sister, our mother is experiencing happiness like we've never known, so we shouldn't feel guilty about finding happiness again.....

On Saturday, Matthew, Amelia and I went to the local Methodist church's pumpkin farm and brought these home.  Brad decided it needed to be carved with a Texas Longhorn.  Not too shabby.   Afterwards, we sat in the front yard with a small fire and made some S'mores.  Our little dog, Missy, got too close to the fire and caught her tail on fire.  It didn't burn long enough for her to feel anything but what a sight!  Crazy dog.

Mailbox decoration

Attempted to make some caramel apples using THIS recipe.  Yep, it was a little runny but tasted amazing!

Amelia with proof of the "runny"

It's homecoming week at school.  On Tuesday, she was Pocahontas.  She told me on Monday evening that she needed a Pocahontas costume and did I have any ideas.  I went to Pinterest of course, and it didn't take long to find something.    We found a long sleeve brown shirt in Brad's closet and went to work. 
Yesterday was decade day, so she was a 50's girl.  Today was nerd day or 'Merica day (they always give two choices), so she was basically an American nerd.  Didn't get a picture, but it was cute!  Maybe she'll post one later that I can steal.


  1. I love the Texas Longhorn pumpkin! Reckon what Brad would charge me to carve one with a teapot on it!

  2. I'm sure he would - there are templates for everything! :)



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