Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today's the day!  The day we get to think on all that we have to be thankful for.  I have a lot to be thankful for, and I have my thankfulness notebook to prove it ----- the notebook I started at the beginning of this year ---- and I know there's a lot more I could add to it!

I'm thankful for such a smooth day yesterday that is allowing me a little play time on the computer this morning.  We're having Thanksgiving at my house this year, and that's something I really enjoy.  Almost as much as I enjoy not cooking when it's my sister's turn. ;>)

I was blessed to be able to get the house cleaned early yesterday - leaving time for me to do a good bit of cooking into the evening.  I only have a few simple things left for this morning!

It also helped that my two little ones spent the night with my sister and her husband last night.  I know they had fun!

In the midst of my thankfulness, there is a great sadness of knowing it's the first Thanksgiving that my mother will not be here.  She was truly the queen of our family, and I am realizing that more and more.  But, I had a dream - a really bad dream - on Tuesday night that showed me I need to be thankful for who is here and not be overwhelmed with sadness about who is not.  We've been living a sort of "bad dream" that we're not going to wake up from.  But thankfully, I did wake up from that terrible dream on Tuesday night, and everything was okay.  I feel like God showed me that yes, we did lose a huge part of our family, but there could be more than one empty chair at our Thanksgiving meal this year.  Last time I checked, there's no limit to how many family members can pass within a year.  One of my husband's co-workers can vouch for that.  Within a span of about a year's time, he lost his mom, then his dad, and a few months later, his wife.  And he's my age or just a little older.

So, today I am extra, extra thankful for every person that will enter my house today - or wake up in my house today.  Every day is truly a gift from a gracious God, and I don't want to take any day or any person in my life for granted!

So, so much to be thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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