Monday, November 25, 2013

Just Hanging Around

This week, we are taking a break from school work and enjoying Thanksgiving.  It's really cold here in Georgia this week, and I'd be happy to hibernate for a few days, but I guess I'll have to do it in allotted time slots. :)  I thought it would be a slow week with no ball games of any sort and such - well, a few practices but no games - but I think we already have plans for each day.  But that's okay.  They're fun plans and nothing too strenuous ~ just mainly spending time with friends and family.

With this little break we're taking, things are a little slow this morning, so I guess it's time for a family sports update ..............

Cari had her last volleyball game of the season this past weekend.  She enjoyed playing and really did pretty good for her first try at it, but I think she's glad it's over.  She's pretty social, and it was kind of getting in the way of her social life.

 Madison had her final softball banquet last Monday.....

Had to post this before-banquet photo :)

Waiting on the banquet to start - doing what teenagers do best

Receiving certificate and not facing the right way ;)

The seniors

And then the next day - basketball started.  I do love watching basketball, and I think I will miss it more than softball when it's over.  Some aspects of what she has experienced, I will not miss, but I'm trying to keep things positive, so I'll stop right there.  Watching her play - that I will miss.  So, I hope I don't have to miss a game and can just soak in what's left.

Madison and Maci.  Two great friends.  Seniors.  Basketball Captains.

Shooting the free throws - she made'em!
At least Amelia loves to play basketball, so I get to look forward to watching her play for several more years!  She has started practicing with a different recreation department than the one she played with last year, and she can't wait for her games to start.  Her best friend, Millie, is on her team, too, so that just makes it perfect in her big brown eyes.

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