Monday, November 11, 2013

The Birthday Boy

Matthew turned 5 last week!  To celebrate, we invited family and friends to our home on Friday evening for a birthday supper - complete with an awesome Spiderman cake and my daddy's delicious chocolate cake that at Matthew's request is always covered in M&M's. 

We've had many different kinds of parties over the years - some at home and some not - but this is my favorite way to throw a party, which is to invite our family along with families of my children's friends to come over for a meal.  This gives the adults opportunity to talk and enjoy each others company while the children can play.  It's a win win.  :>)

The birthday meal this year consisted of spaghetti and hot buttered rolls, chili, seven-layer taco dip and chips, and corn dogs.  A little variety goes a long way!

Matthew had a lot of fun and received several new items to add to his Spiderman collection.  Yes, he's pretty crazy about Spiderman right now.

Before the party on Friday evening, we spent the morning and early afternoon shopping.  The grandparents had given him money for his birthday, and he knew what he wanted to do with it.  It was a fun morning followed by a fun evening!

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