Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Time or Money?

Time or Money?  That's a question I've been wrestling with for the past few weeks.  Why you may ask?  Well, I recently went from having more money than time to having more time than money.

My medical transcription work has been super slow to nothing of late - mostly nothing.  With all the new healthcare garb and regulations that doctor's offices have had to adjust to, most of them have had to find ways to cut costs, and medical transcription has been a good choice for most of them.  There are cheaper ways to accomplish that task - (cheaper quality as well most of the time) - and most of them are taking a turn down that road.  Not sure where it's leading, but that's where they're going.

Up to the point where it came to a stop, I was working like crazy and by the time I finished in the mornings, got school work up and going and finally finished, it was close to supper time.  I was beginning to think that some extra hours in my day were much needed.  Then, that's exactly what I got.  It was nice for a few weeks, but as my bank account has dwindled from the final paychecks that are coming in, I'm now asking myself again which I like best.

There has to be a happy medium.

Sometimes too much time is not a good thing.  If I'm not careful, I can get lazy.  I thought I wasn't getting much accomplished when I was working so much, but I think I may have gotten at least the same or more done at times when I was working!

When I have MT work, there's motivation to get up early and get going!  When I know I'm not accountable to anyone to get up extra early and get work to them, do you know how easy it is to stay in that warm bed on a cold morning?  Sometimes I stay too long!

So after praying about which direction to go, I'm now actively trying to find work again.  God has been very gracious to my family in providing my husband with an awesome job with amazing benefits, but I feel like I've been "nickel and diming" him to death!  That's just the way it is when there are teenagers in the house.  My little part-time paychecks were used to take care of things like that - our fun money.  So, here's to praying for a new job that will be just what I need!

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