Friday, January 31, 2014

Snow Days

On Sunday, I made a statement to a friend without giving it much thought - or seeing the weather prediction for the upcoming week.  I said, "If it's going to be this cold, I wish it would just go ahead and snow."  And that's exactly what happened!

Early Monday morning, I received a weather update on my phone from the Weather Channel alerting me to a winter weather advisory.  Several hours later, it became a winter weather warning.

Tuesday morning, Madison was hoping school would be cancelled, but it wasn't, so off she went, and soon after Brad was out the door and headed to UPS. 

Snow was predicted to start falling around 9 a.m., and that prediction was not too far off.  I heard the door open at 10:15, and Madison was walking in as they told the students that drove to school to go home immediately.  Thankfully, she did just that because a lot of kiddos were stuck at the school for a long time because it all hit so quickly and the roads got slick so fast that the buses were unable to run and parents were having a hard time getting there!

Brad finally started trying to get home sometime after 12 and made it home around 4 - about three or so hours longer than it normally would have taken.

I know many people in the area did not make it home until much later the next day - even having to spend the night on the interstate - so I am very thankful that everyone here made it home when they did.

My homeschool crew quickly finished their work for the day and headed on out.  The first day was very exciting, the second day was fun, the third day was okay, and today on day four - we need to go somewhere!  :>D  It was fun while it lasted, and being forced to stay home and slow down is a good thing, too, I think. 

Another thing to be thankful for is no power outages!  A warm home and the ability to cook is a huge plus when it's super cold outside!  It's supposed to get into the 50s temperature-wise here today, so hopefully the icy road conditions are over for now because I must make it to the grocery store today as we have certainly done our share of cooking and eating during all of this!  We've enjoyed snow ice cream, lots of hot chocolate, vegetable soup and cornbread, popcorn, homemade M&M cookies, Rotel dip & chips, etc., etc.  No one has gone hungry here during this winter storm!

So thankful for all of the Lord's protections this week and always - and for all of the blessings and fun memories!

Annabelle always has to get in on the act.

I think Missy just wanted it all to go away.

Three of the four kiddos.  Madison did come out eventually, but I think I was inside at that point.  She saved her fun for the next day when some friends came by and picked her up in their Polaris.

Yesterday when the temps went up and the snow started melting a bit, we were able to quickly throw together some snowmen.  They're a little dirty, but I'm sure they're just happy to be here.  ;>)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Time to Get Caught Up, Again

Life is such a whirlwind here lately!  We currently have our home on the market (again), and an agent called on Monday wanting to schedule an appointment for Tuesday afternoon.  Whenever that happens, I cheerfully say, "Sure, that will be fine!"  And then when the conversation is complete, panic mode immediately sets in.

I later made the comment that it seems like we always get those phone calls when we're the busiest.  Then after thinking for a moment, I realized, "when are we not busy?"  So, I'm not complaining - just stating facts.

I read a blog yesterday that reminded me I did "sign up for this."  And I am totally fine with that.

I see I haven't posted since Thanksgiving??!!  So for the sake of time, I'll be updating in pictures for the most part (although I do have a little extra time on my hands this morning as the house is still in pretty good shape from yesterday's showing - yay!).

December was quite a fun month with the usual get-togethers and such.  A big highlight was getting to participate in our church's Christmas Mission.  We were able to help many, many families providing food and other household products, clothing, and toys.  It was such a blessing to be a part of this.

Christmas itself was quite different this year, but we made it through.  On Christmas Day, we visited my mother's grave, which was the first time for me to see the headstone.  It was beautiful and very fitting for our Queen.

Now, here are some holiday highlights I was able to capture.

Backing up to Thanksgiving, here's a nice family photo.
For many years on Thanksgiving Day, Aunt Angela has made a tradition of giving the nieces and nephew a Hallmark Christmas ornament....

Spiderman of course

She's an iron man fan!

Sports theme of course - that's a cute little penguin holding a bat

And for our dog lover, a sweet little puppy
In early December, Angela and Amelia had a great time at the American Girl Store
While there, she received her Christmas gift ~ Julie
Christmas party with my BFFs
December basketball action - I love this one because it sort of looks 3D!
Ballin' with the huge bruise from an earlier game that everyone thought was a tattoo.
Annabelle and Missy sporting their Christmas gifts.
Amelia wanted her picture made with Annabelle in matching outfits.
As is our usual custom, we made some family pictures before church on the Sunday before Christmas.

The 2013 Gingerbread House
Christmas Eve yummies - "Almond Joy" bites and peanut butter balls
This was dessert for our Christmas Eve meal.  I strayed a bit from our pasta tradition this year.  Instead, I chose to do appetizers, including shrimp hushpuppies with Vidalia onion dip, BBQ meatballs, and spinach dip, followed by chicken stir fry with yum yum sauce. 

More Christmas Eve memories....

Christmas Day....

Cutest little red shoes ever!

About to take a ride in the new Mercedes!

Matthew's room is now protected by the Avengers so caution before entering!
And to wrap up December, Pawpaw made a visit.  His birthday is in January, so we decided to give him an early birthday party.  He requested a coconut cake with marshmallow cream icing.  I found a recipe on the Internet and gave it a shot.  The icing was great, but the cake part was not what I was expecting, but it didn't stop this crew from digging in!

So that's a wrap for 2013! 


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