Saturday, August 23, 2014

Summer 2014 is Nearly Gone

There's been lots of ideas in my head over the summer that I wanted to blog about, but thankfully it's been a fun summer, and there wasn't much time left over to do any of that.

(And I can't go any further talking about this summer until I make a quick mention about last summer, which I've thought back to often the past couple of months.  It was undoubtedly my worst summer ever, being spent in and out of hospitals, helping care for my sick mom who I miss terribly.  I had several people tell me when she passed away that it wouldn't get easier.  I'm not sure what they meant by that, but some things have gotten easier.  The great mental exhaustion and dreadful heartbreaking pain at the time of losing her have gotten better.  The God of my heart has done a marvelous job at healing those wounds.  The missing her - not so much.  I only see that getting worse as time goes on, but that's normal, right?  And because of Jesus, I have the blessed hope of seeing her again one day.  That brings comfort but doesn't keep me from wishing I could still see her right here and right now, but how sad it would be if I didn't feel that way.)

So here we are today, approaching the end of summer 2014, and this is how it's all gone down.....

It's August, and we've had quite a summer.  We've spent most of it in the water.  Brad's aunt came back to the United States after spending the past year in Germany with her military daughter.  She is beyond generous and has graciously opened up her home {and pool} to us whenever we like.  Her backyard is an oasis and has been the perfect getaway for us.  Our sweet neighbor, who is likewise generous and gracious, has done the same, and we are beyond grateful.  Those two pools have provided ample entertainment for our family.

Aunt Dana plus my crew plus cousin Shandon who we miss as he is now back in Germany

We did make a trip to the Atlanta Zoo at some point, and we picked the perfect day to go and had a great time with our friends.  I love the zoo!

The gorillas might be my favorite

Look what hatched!

This just makes me smile

How awesome is a zoo that offers a water park at the end of the trail!?!

Madison played her last travel ball game with the Mystics - her team she started playing with at the age of 12 I think?  The other parents and I were feeling a little emotional as the last game came to an end, and when the coach was unable to find the words to start his speech, the tears started rolling.  I'm sure if any of the other teams were looking on, they must have thought that we didn't take too well to losing.

And I just had to insert a video of one of her last at bats as a Mystic.  (You might want to turn your volume down as I get a little loud at the end.)  ;>)

The week after that, she had her tonsils taken out, and the next two weeks were a little bump in the road, but it's all good now.

Now she's started college and has started practicing with her new team.  She seems to be enjoying it pretty well so far.  I'm looking forward to seeing some games!

Matthew and Amelia both made the All-Star teams in rec ball.  That involved a little chunk of our summer, but it was fun for them.  Fall ball has now started, and we're back at it again.

Amelia celebrated her 9th birthday with a Frozen party - how's that to help you cool off in July?

Brad was officially diagnosed with CIDP, which basically causes neuropathy among a few other issues.  After prednisone failed to help with all that, this past week he began a series of IVIG infusions, so we're hoping to see some improvement soon.  We're very thankful that it has basically not interfered with his daily activities.

Our house is still for sale.  Since October.  Enough said.

We started back to school in August, and I'm now teaching a 10th grader, 4th grader, and 1st grader.  The first week stressed me out terribly, but each week is getting better as they adjust to their new books.  So far, I am very pleased with our choices of curriculum this year.

Last Saturday night was probably the highlight of Brad's summer.  See photo below....

And right now, I'm actually home alone, and that's why I'm getting to do this. :)  Brad has taken most of the crew to a Rome Braves game.....

Matthew and Matt Kimbrel (brother of Atlanta Braves Craig Kimbrel!)

And I stayed home to get things ready for a little trip we're taking this week. Three weeks of school is enough - these students have earned a FIELD TRIP!!!!!


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