Tuesday, January 6, 2015

And the New Year Begins

Over the weekend, I had so many goals for the New Year in my head that I became a little overly anxious.  Maybe it was the extra caffeine that day or an overworking of the mind, but I was feeling all jittery and wasn't happy about that at all.  I decided it was time to start one of my first resolutions for the year - that is, taking more HOT baths!  I had already grabbed on to that as we've been doing a lot of detox-type baths around here trying to cure some sickies (and I really think they were beneficial).  It had been sooooo long since I had done that that I had forgotten what a blessing and how relaxing those area.  (I also noticed Ann Voskamp had put that on her New Year list as well, so then I knew I was doing the right thing.  LOL!)  So with a hot bath with some Epsom salts for detoxing and a few drops of some peppermint and lavender essential oils - yep, another one of my interests I plan to concentrate on in 2015 - and a time of prayer and meditation, I felt so much better.  As I was relaxing, I started listing in my head all of the things that could be adding to my anxiousness, and goodness did that list get LONG!  And honestly, I realized most of those things were pretty much out of my control.  Things that needed to be handed over to God and left in His hands.  Yes, that time was not wasted, and it certainly did my heart and soul good.  Taking care of that "junk" freed my mind to think about more important things - things that I do have some control over.

I received my new Time Keeper household planner in the mail this past weekend - the best I've found that works for me.  As I was looking through it and writing down upcoming events on the schedule, I decided to concentrate on this week and write down some doable goals.  Instead of setting a lot of goals for the whole year, I've decided it's best to baby step this and do weekly/monthly goals as well.  Too often in past years, I didn't get very far and ended up quitting or giving up or just plain forgetting (and then usually it's all over until January 1st rolls around again).  I set up a simple whole house cleaning schedule goal for the week and one simple goal of cleaning out my bedroom closet.  Previously, I probably would have limited myself to getting this accomplished in one day along with a longer list for the other days of the week.  This time, I'm giving myself a whole week to take care of one project.  No pressure there.  It will be better to complete these tasks slowly then to overwhelm myself and burn out early and then have nothing to show for what looked good in my mind but never developed.  The result of all that I would hope would be further SIMPLIFYING of our lives and paring down of the "stuff monster."

In 2015, I hope to read more.  I've dusted off and charged up the ole Kindle and have been daily downloading free books off of Amazon.  I'm already halfway through my first book!  I would also like to read the Bible through this year.  On Facebook, my sister mentioned Blue Letter Bible having a good plan for this - reading OT and NT together, and that sounded great.  I registered through their site and now have accountability of what I'm to read each day, and a prerecorded voice will even read the passages to me, which I L.O.V.E.

Lastly, my biggest family goal has been brought in part by the Duggars.  Yes, I said the Duggars.  I enjoy watching their show, and I've actually found myself studying them and trying to figure out what makes things work so well for them.  I know it's not just one thing, but one trait in particular really jumped out at me.  They are so KIND to one another.  In the midst of my realization, I realized that is something I really need to work on.  As I pray for God to show me what I need to work on, I feel this is one area that has been pinpointed.  God speaks to us through His Word, and I can't tell you how many times in the past couple of weeks that I Corinthians 13:4 has flashed before me.  I've seen it in random devotions and one Bible study in particular that I was looking at the first day of the year I believe.  I received a chalkboard for my kitchen for Christmas, and over the weekend, I chose to decorate it with "Love is Kind."  When I got to church on Sunday, the front of the bulletin read, "Love is patient, love is kind."  I had to laugh.  Okay, Okay.  I get it.  At least, I hope to get it. That is a huge prayer that I hope to see answered in 2015 as it will take great patience to work through this daily.  And my husband and children deserve kindness - not frustration, impatience, nagging, etc.  If I want my children to develop kindness in their lives, it HAS to start with me.

So there you have it.  I don't think these things are too overwhelming at all, and I am eagerly and prayerfully ready to continue this journey through this New Year. :>)

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