Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Pinterest Experiment

I can be on Pinterest for five minutes and pin so much it's crazy.  As a result, for the past year or so, I've been accumulating quite a number of recipes in my "Recipes to Try" board.  At least once a week or so, I try to recreate at least one of my finds.  I thought it might be fun to blog about some of my experiments, so here we go!

Last night, I tried Crockpot Cheese Tortellini.  Except I didn't actually use a crockpot.  I might would have but didn't realize it was a crockpot recipe until I went to make it. 

The above is the picture from pinterest - not mine.  (My daughter was using my camera so I couldn't get a picture.)  My soup (or whatever you call it) looked similar except I used Italian chicken sausage - not ground sausage.  The only other thing I did different was to add about a cup of heavy cream.  (I was trying to make it go a little further as we had an extra person here last night - as usual.)  :>)

I really liked it.  I had made some buttered bread in the oven to go with it, and I especially enjoyed dipping the bread in the soup juice.  As for the overall family reaction, we were split down the middle.  Madison, Amelia and I liked it.  The other three not so much. 

Not only did I think it was tasty, it was super easy and quick to pull together (although maybe a little pricey - close to $20 for all ingredients - but for seven people, maybe that's not too bad?)  Other than browning the sausage a little (which was already fully cooked), all the ingredients just got thrown in the pot and cooked until the spinach wilted and the tortellini was cooked well.

Even though I liked it, I doubt I'll cook it again.  I need a majority to keep a recipe, and that didn't happen this time around.  But if you like Italian food, I recommend giving it a shot!

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