Saturday, April 4, 2015

If yesterday was a test.....

At the end of the day, it was clear that I did not pass.  It was one of those off and on kind of days.  Not all bad.  Actually, I can't truly say it was a bad day (out of respect to truly bad days) - just one of those days when things drive you crazy that normally you can overlook.  I guess I really shouldn't blame the day for my own depravity.

Just keeping it real.

Maybe it was the fact that we'd been without TV for two days, and anyone who knows my Aunt Jane knows that was a terrible thing.  (Everybody needs an Aunt Jane.  I've often heard that as Christian parents, children aid in our sanctification process.  I can pretty well agree with that!  I've also decided that Aunt Janes aid in that process as well.)  But back to the TV.  The Direct TV technician arrived and after about five minutes realized the box in the den where Cari sleeps had been unplugged.  Seriously?  We've been without TV for two days because someone unplugged something?!?  How did we miss that?  I mean, Aunt Jane was so desperate that she actually sat down and watched The Hobbit with us on Thursday (actually she slept through it, which was good because I was afraid it might give her nightmares or something).  And the whole time, all would have been well had we just plugged something in.  Crazy.

After TV man left, Matthew, Aunt Jane, and I set out to run some errands.  Our first mission was to find Easter-inspired cemetery flowers.  My mom always felt it was important to keep loved ones' graves looking lovely with beautiful flowers, so this is a way we honor her.  That actually went pretty well.

Then we went to Home Depot to check out lawn mowers for Brad, and Matthew loved that.  He sat on them all and is now in the process of convincing Brad that we need the "green one."  He would like for this to be his new job.  Not sure if he can reach everything that needs to be reached at this time, but we'll see.

Then it was off to Ingles.  Not bad there.  Except for those doughnuts that would actually be eating at me later.  There is an Aunt Jane story here though.  Actually, the doughnuts are an Aunt Jane story, but this is a different one.  One of the nice workers passed us on the aisle and said "You all have a nice Easter!"  I said "Thanks!  You, too!"  Aunt Jane said, "God bless you!"  Then she told me, "I'm very religious so I say God bless you."  To which I say, "oh, okay."  I pretty much have the same replies for most of what she says.  It's either, "Okay," "Really," "That's nice......."  I have decided that most of her conversations are one sided, and no matter how I respond, it really doesn't matter.  Even if I disagree, in her mind it's still a fact.

For instance, Brad's Aunt Dana has gone to Germany to stay with her grandson while her daughter who is in the Air Force is away for a few months.  Aunt Jane is convinced that Aunt Dana has joined the military (which she can't even say without giving her a salute).  I've explained it several times but I've given up.  I think she's even convinced me.  So, Aunt Dana is now in the Air Force.

Yesterday was beautiful and extra warm, so we grilled some hamburgers and enjoyed being outside a lot.  Then we went to Matthew's ball practice later in the evening.  After years of having children participate in recreation sports, you'd think I'd be over a lot of the pettiness and frustrations that some coaches can bring about.  Obviously, I'm not.  I guess sports are part of my sanctification process as well.  Let's just say I have a long way to go.

Okay, I know you're dying to hear the doughnut story.  Aunt Jane bought a six-pack of doughnuts at the bakery.  She offered me one in the van, but I didn't want one.  She didn't offer Matthew one but whatever.  She said she'd just save them for the afternoon.  After we returned home, it didn't take a couple of my kiddos long to see that box of doughnuts sitting on her bed.  I told them she'd probably share them later.  Time went on and still no doughnuts.  They continued to question.  Not that this house isn't filled with way more sugar than any house should ever have - remember, we are at granddaddy's right now - but that's beside the point.  Lol!  So Aunt Jane goes to bed and the doughnuts have still not made an appearance.  What?!  They're doughnuts for crying out loud.  They'll be like bricks the next day (and I fully expect she'll offer them up then).  Now, I can fully understand hiding food around here.  If it's something people like, I promise it won't last long - like vultures on a dead possum is a good mind picture here.  But doughnuts?  They don't last long enough to hide. 

I said something to my daddy about it later, and (I'm doing most of the cooking around here) I told him I was going to start hiding her supper.

What a picture of grace and mercy and Christ likeness I exhibited!  Uh, no.

So at the end of the day Brad looks at me a little nervously and says, "It's time to get started on our house, isn't it?"  Yes, yes it is. When doughnuts become a source of contention, it's time to make some changes. ;>)

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