Thursday, July 2, 2015

House Update

I had hoped and prayed that June would bring progress to our home construction, and though there are no visible (picture worthy) signs of building yet, indeed there was progress!  

**We got our survey!!

**We got our home plans!!

**We met with our builder, and he's currently pricing everything out!!

We were met with a slight glitch in getting the property put in our name just yet (which is something the bank will definitely require), but we're hoping that everything will come together at the right moment and construction can begin.

In the meanwhile, I search Pinterest. :>)

This delay has been good in that it has given me time to really think what direction (decoratively speaking) I want our new home to go in. 

I'm pretty settled on a mixture of farmhouse/craftsman.  I don't want anything that is "trendy" but more like "timeless."  I'm looking for character and adding lots of old in with the new (I can't get enough of the show Fixer Upper, and that is often what they do, and I LOVE it!).

I've already found an old screen door that I plan to start refinishing soon in hopes that it can be used as a laundry room door.  My dad also has some old heavy wood doors that were taken out of an old home that I'm hoping we can incorporate somewhere.

We've decided to go with a metal roof - which is something I never thought about considering, but after hearing our builder give his recommendation and looking over some photos and eyeing every house with a metal roof that I see as I'm traveling down the road (LOL!), it just seems like part of the perfect blend for the exterior I have in mind.

We're also exploring the idea of concrete countertops.  They seem like a good option for a solid surface yet are a little easier on the budget......

That's all I can think of for the moment ~ now let's see where July takes us!


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