Tuesday, March 8, 2016

More Adventures in Jacksonville

For our field trip last week, I chose Tree Hill Nature Center.  It was a nice place with several hiking trails and various animals scattered about.  Amelia and Matthew got their "goat fix" after missing theirs so much, and we met a snake that seemed more like a puppy.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I've never seen a snake want attention as much as that one did.

It was a fun dose of afternoon nature/education.

Amelia wants granddaddy to build this "playground" for their goats.
We're pretty sure this alligator understands how Brad feels about being confined to a hospital room for two weeks, although I'm betting this guy has been looking at these four wooden walls for much longer.
There were some big turtles in this room - as well as the friendly snake.  I should have took a picture of him!
And lest we forget the whole reason for being in Jacksonville......caught Brad with his mask on his forehead.  He has had to wear this if he ventures out into the hallway or if they come in and clean his room - and everyone has loved his bright orange shirt.  No chance of him getting lost! (And there's GOOD news - looks like Brad may be leaving the hospital tomorrow!!)
Madison got to come see us for a few days.  We enjoyed her being here!

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