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It's Football Season!

It's the second week of college football, and my crew is quite happy about that!  Football season is one of our favorite seasons.
We're University of Texas fans.  My husband is a native Texan and grew up loving the Longhorns and we just naturally joined him.

He has wonderful memories of going to games with his dad, and for many years, he has been taking our children to games (the children who want to go - daughter #2 is an Auburn fan and daughter #3 would rather spend time with her grandmother when she is in Texas).  They've had some fantastic fun over the years.
I've attended one regular-season game during the time they've been going.  With the cost of game tickets and the expense of airfare, I decided a few years ago that I would stay home and this could be an annual event for my husband and kids.  But then the whole Texas playing Georgia in the Sugar Bowl in January 2019 thing happened.  I was more than happy to travel with my family to New Orleans and watch the ga…
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A few days ago, I awoke with an idea, which was that day would be school picture day for my two homeschooling kiddos.

No forms to fill out.  No money exchanged hands.  I simply told them to get dressed in whatever they'd like their picture made in, and after I helped out with the hairstyles, we made our way to the backyard with a camera.

It was a beautiful fall day with perfect temps.

A simple, stress-free picture day.

I don't remember it always being that way when I was in school.
In the early years, sometimes we would forget.  I remember one picture day in particular when I was in the first grade.  Not sure if I or my mom was to blame ~ maybe I had forgotten to take the "reminder slip" home or maybe she didn't pay attention to it if I did.  Who knows.
Lucky for me, the book storage area in my school desk also served as a "closet" of sorts.  I'm fairly certain my friends would remember this.  They sometimes like to remind me of my eccentric elementary sc…


Last week was busy.  I had to be somewhere every evening, and I am not accustomed to that.
I was asked to speak at our church's ladies meeting last Thursday evening, so in-between the busyness, every spare moment of each day was spent in preparation for that.
In the midst of all I had to do, I was a bit stressed about how I would be able to complete my medical transcription assignments.
But, turns out, I had no assignments to worry about....
That can stress me out a bit, too, whenever that happens.  
It's a rare occurrence, but it also happened several weeks ago, and I was so disappointed ~ wondering if I'd made a big mistake and my employer just hadn't gotten around to mentioning it yet ~ but that apparently was not the case.
But it was a week very similar to last week.  One of those that if I'd have had work, I'm not sure when I would have completed it.
I believe it was God's way of rescuing me.
Sometimes the work comes in the midst of crazy weeks, and those are …


Finally!  The past few days, the temperatures are finally where they need to be for me to officially delight in the fact that it truly is fall.
Summer just wasn't in a hurry to leave, and that's okay.  I didn't mind at all.
Our flowers stayed way longer than expected.

The kids were swimming up until the first week of October.
But that has come to an end.

This weekend was the first time in months that our grass didn't need cutting, but that grass is still green, and the flowers are still thriving.  Well, as of yesterday.  
We had our first frost this morning, and I believe that is a sign the lawnmower can now hibernate and rest from all it's hard work of the previous months.

I even had an azalea blooming.  Poor confused little plant.

But now, the leaves are starting to change, the temperatures are dropping, and the backyard fire pit is now on duty.  
The beautiful colors of spring and summer are certain to soon be fading, but I am unquestionably prepared to experience the pa…


I've recently been praying for rain.  Our neighbors have been clearing multiple acres next door to our property and that has involved many days of burning of brush and smoke trespassing in our direction.

Last night, that prayer was answered, and hopefully my eyes and nose will enjoy a few days of respite.

While we received a benefit/blessing from Hurricane Michael, others received devastation.  Those devastated are in my prayers.

Sometimes rain comes in other forms in our lives.  Oh how I appreciate the sunny days of life - those times when there is no rain or trouble, everyone and everything is well and marching along as they should be.

But then comes the rain.  In reality, it's much needed, as God is certainly allowing it for some purpose.  Just as flowers, trees and grass need the rain to grow, we need the "rain" in order to grow as well ~ to be who He is creating us to be in order to do what He created us for ~ to glorify Him in all things.

We are not necessarily dou…


Sometimes, when I'm reading a book (fiction and non-fiction alike), I come across something that is worthy of writing down and remembering.  But often, I skip over it and keep reading and then don't want to take the time to go back and find it later.

As I was reading At Home in Mitford, the first book in the Mitford series, I bookmarked such pages, so I could easily return to them later.
When I'm reading, I want to learn something, be encouraged, motivated.  Sure, I read for entertainment purposes, but if what I'm reading is not very beneficial, I do not want to waste my time.
I'm now into the 2nd book in this series, and I am appreciating the example of Father Tim, especially the way he responds to others in different situations - ways that are, in general, very much against human nature and more like someone who has a strong, abiding relationship with Jesus - or, in some situations, someone who is mature enough to bite their tongue to keep from saying what they real…


THANK YOU Cynthia Ulrich Tobias and Focus on the Family.  Because of this lady and this ministry, I have recently become acquainted with the initials SWC, which is a code name for strong-willed child.  (Believe me, I've been acquainted with an SWC - just not the use of the initials and the true meaning behind the words.)

Focus on the Family daily podcasts are something I look forward to.  The title of their beautiful ministry truly reflects what they accomplish.  As I listen to their programs, I am blessed and encouraged as a wife, mom, friend, Christian..., and I am thankful they introduce such people as Mrs. Tobias into the lives of the listeners.
I have an SWC.  In fact, the female children in my family each have a bit of that characteristic, but one in particular is a full-blooded SWC.  
In the book, Mrs. Tobias introduces a questionnaire that I believe comprises 12 questions that are to be answered to determine the depth of strong-willed-ness.
One of my children was 12/12.  100%.